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64 Years and #StillNotEqual

IntegrateNYC / Separate is #StillNotEqual

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About 64 Years and #StillNotEqual

May 17th will mark 64 years since the landmark Brown vs Board Supreme Court decision that ruled separate schools are not equal. Across the United States, schools are more segregated and #StillNotEqual. 

Passionate students from across the country have come together to unite youth leaders in the name of integration.

IntegrateNYC is aiming to raise $64,000 to support this youth-driven work over the next month. We need your support to say:

After 64 years, separate is #StillNotEqual!

We believe that we rise and fall together as a community. That’s why when you donate to the #StillNotEqual campaign, 5% of your donation will go to some of our partners in the work of transforming schools: Alliance for School Integration and Desegregation, NYCEDU, and Integrated Schools.

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